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The Root of Suffering

You yourself must strive. The Buddha only points the way.  Gautama Buddha.

Are you ready to leave your comfortable life to live a hard one?

Did you ever think why you are suffering?

Sometimes you’ll find that a Jew can teach you a lot about anger than you think you already know about it.

Sometimes you’ll find that a Christian can teach a lot about benevolence than you think that you already know about it.

There’re things we learn through experience, and what we learn that our values aren’t absolute and we can’t be complete because we belong to the right group, religion, ideology, idea, city, nation, ethnicity, school, belief, faith, sect, and whatever makes you distinct from the others. It never makes you complete, but just identification you are identifying yourself to one of these concepts of identity and that is common among humans.

If we must strive, so strive for what? We must strive to achieve enlightenment. How and what is it?

Will you go to live with the poorest and miserable Africans and Asians to understand why humans suffer?

Will you go there and learn the origin of suffering?

Or are you so attached to your comfortable life?

Many people use Buddha’s quotes to console themselves, to cheer themselves, or it’s rightly to write to lie at themselves why they must stick to the comfortable life, Buddha’s words are meaningless if you never suffered in your life. The meaning of any teaching can’t be neither learnt nor understood if you never suffer a hard and difficult moment in your life.

Suffering gives all our teaching for enlightenment a meaning in our lives.

What do you know about human misery?

Buddha’s indicates for things to understand about human suffering:

  • The truth of suffering.
  • The truth of the origin of suffering.
  • The truth of the cessation of suffering.
  • The truth of the path of the cessation.

To live is to suffer, there’s no escape from suffering and be tortured in every moment by your thoughts and desires. However, we must control the both of them. As we run our lives with them, they are what build our understanding and the support of our ideas. Without them a human being is condemned to live as a fool in this world.

What prevents someone from leaving her/his office and go out to the world experiencing what life throws and risking all her/his life?

Is it because of fear?

The comfortable life is hard to cut your ties with it. What does it give you, none the less than cowardice?

That what we’ve taught to be graduated, having a job, and a professional career a wife and children that is a successful person in our standards of comfortable society fearing any change who prevents them from the comfort, even if it kills them from the inside.

Here end the history of any man and woman, having a job a wife/husband and children that what life is simple and easy as we were always taught, heard, and imagined.

All humanity is seeking an end to her history even if there’s no end to history.

Will you live your office and live a miserable life? Will you risk reaching a higher level of consciousness?

Do you think that your life now is what you wanted it to be? Is it life? As what society told us. So why does society keep this standards? Why do we choose to marry and to have kids and rather than striving to be who we are? How do we become what we ought to be? Did you think about being a super version a higher one than the being you are? Adventure, facing the world and living dangerously why don’t these things figure out in your list?

You work harder to improve yourself to your boss, to yourself in a bad way, the incorrect way, to your wife, to your children, to your colleagues, to your friends, to your society, to your nation, to your state, to your government and with woman to her husband and children, and in her work and with her friends, and the same thing as man. Is it the right and appropriate way to improve yourself? Isn’t it the way which creates to us depression, anguish, anxiety, and all our emotional and mental troubles?

And one night you say if I do the opposite of all of that what’ll happen? Let just see what happen. And so you decide to live life as it is. You leave all this comfortable life and you travel through the cosmos seeking enlightenment before you die. You know that you are living the last moment if your life and who knows, when you die that is it.

It doesn’t sadden me if I don’t get what I want, but what sadden me the most is not striving enough to know really and truly who I am. Graduating is the end of history, getting a job is the end of history, marrying is an end of history having children dying and whatever, there’s no end of history. It doesn’t sadden me those stuffs if I don’t or didn’t achieve one of them. The wisdom of life is more than thinking in marriage and getting a job; is more than children and money as the pillar of man and women happiness. The wisdom of life is to be your own guiding light as Buddha points to us, to be the light.

The poet Leonard Cohen says:

There is a crack in everything;

That’s how the light gets in.

So how can we be enlightened without having cracks in our hearts made by suffering and hardship?

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Thinking on a life well lived.

Why do we live?

Why should we live?

Why did my parents give me birth?

Do I owe them something?

Did they think that one day maybe I think or commit a suicide?

Ending my life is just a disobedience to my parents who gave me birth, so a non recognition to all their sufferance to bring me to life.

However, it’s my life and I do with it what I want.

But I owe my parents obedience.

So why should I obey my parents’?

I don’t follow my parents’ standards in life, I think differently but someone who was a kind with you, you owe her something and you must return the benefits so you are obliged to obey your parents.

Yeh you’ll notice that I value my parents of course I do, I love them I value them even if I don’t follow their standards.

I think that suicide has not just caused by the hardest and tough moments, the crisis of meaning and the freedom to do with yourself what you want to do.

I own myself and I do with it what I want.

However, people commit suicide because they value something in life, because they love life not because they hate it and they think that by not acquiring some qualities they mustn’t live any more.

Suicide is the total or the complete surrender to life. Someone who commits suicide is saying:” I love my life.”

Suicide is about how do we value life? So someone who values life and themselves too much, more than anyone will commit suicide?

They do it because not they can’t stand anymore but for the sake of the value of life.

Human being value life more than anything and life is a right and inalienable right and for it humanity did great conquests, wars and revolutions for the sake of how do us value life?

In all our actions we’re motivated by the will to live, a will to power. So in all our discussions and actions we want to prove our will to live and power.

The will to power is the rise up of a super version of yourself is acting heroically and improving the will to live. We need to take sometimes to think about what a “life well lived” looks like.

Humans are acting heroically in this chaotic world. What is a life well lived? Why should we live a life well lived?

You may say if your parents are cruel, will you render to them the benefit of bringing you to life.

If you are indoctrinated by your religion or ideology to explode yourself in a crowd and you’ll be rewarded by God.

Suicide has many causes. Some people commit suicide to save their honor and dignity.

And it can be even used as a political weapon.

The causes are many and human are invited to look deeply and thoughtfully into suicide.

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Does my experience make me who I am?

Terrible experiences make you wonder if the people who have experienced them are not terrible themselves.

Nietzsche; Beyond Good and Evil; Part 4 Epigrams and entr’actes ; 89

The world doesn’t seem to be healthy and well suited to grow up without being injured and with scratches on your skin. What is experience? What are the terrible experiences? Why are we wondering about them? How do they affect our personality? What makes someone a terrible person? Is the quote about anyone psychology, and its impact in our social life?

What kind of experience we are experiencing with the world? It’s puzzling, and depends in how we see body and mind and their interactions. I’m feeling and thinking what I experience.

Is it the terrible experience that makes me a terrible person? Or is me who makes himself a terrible person?

We know the world through experiencing our ideas and for that we know nothing about it, this experience is stored in our memory and so in every time we experience it by appealing it or when we met with new interpretation of events.

Bad experience makes us angry and mad, but is it what makes us angry and mad, or just our ideas? So it makes angry and mad because we think them so, however let looks at it from a different view as making us aware and conscious about the world. We can’t escape our ideas and interpretation and for that we must be watchers over our brains and what they cook.

There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.

Friedrich Nietzsche

These kinds of people are known by all of us even if we’re like them in some situations. So some people when they can’t get what they want, they forbid the others from that thing that they want the most. If they don’t have it, nobody will have it. And we find ourselves in conflict with people who don’t want us to get something because they can’t get, or it’s us who fight against the others because we don’t want them to get something to have it even if they work hard more than us we resists and stand in their ways.

When we can’t deal with a problem we must set back, go and solve another thing we can be destroyed but never be defeated remember that. However, it’s not about getting the answers, but how many meaningful questions you draw from every time you were destroyed in your seeking for what you want.

The secret to happiness is to face the fact that the world is horrible.

Bertrand Russell

The image of terror and human insanity in wars and ruling over people are enough to make you aware that the world is horrible, even turn you to see the other face the dark side of the world as we call it. So is really that happiness is in the acceptance and living with suffering and horror? Happiness is positive and good what makes it connected to horror?

Terrible experiences like someone who you love a close to you suicide and left nothing why did s/he do that? Leave you in a deep sorrow and questioning why? Someone who harms you intentionally or what you interpret from the experiences. Let it be clear to you that you make yourself, you are the maker of yourself, think for a while in what you are elaborating in your brain. Ideas are sometimes formed by biased and limited thinking, conditioned by our environment and our ideas.

It’s for the humankind to live a well life a healthy and worthy life for living and surviving that we need to deal with our thoughts about the world, our thoughts shape the world and the world shapes them in return. A corrupted thinking produce a corrupted being, behind terror and anger there’s an interior conflict in any human being between different voices competing to satisfy their needs. If we give everyone of them its right fairly we’ll make peace inside ourselves. A human being experiences within herself/himself more s/he experiences outside with the world. What is within is what matters and what’s in our control and can be controlled over time.


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Made for greatness

A great statement from the old man struggled with the swordfish. He says:”But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” So human being is made for greatness and greatness is won by great dangers as Herodotus thought.

However, Nietzsche reminds us about this greatness in us, what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. And sometimes makes us stranger. So we shouldn’t accept the nihilistic thoughts and death,

Thomas Dylan says:

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

If we’ve big problems we’re bigger than them. We are made for greatness.

Albert Camus says: Life should be lived to the point of tears. They cry not because they are sad, but because they are affected by the happiness that someone finds in struggling. We cry because we fight for someone, and for something.

We must not accept death; we are here to live and to rage against the force of darkness. Terror will never forbid us from living another day, loving another person, fighting for who we are and what we should be. Because; as there’re tears and light we will never give up. We will rage to see the light of the next day.

How to become who we really are? It seems obvious that we don’t always get what we really want. What we could one day become is a task to be. Many people are too weak to fight for what they want and praise what they did not want. We mustn’t create within us this hypocritical creed.

So let enjoy the real ingredient of fulfillment by being fitted to get them, religion, alcohol, drugs, philosophical conditioning and many things that stand in our way are just numb pain. Saying that things are fine as they are, sap us of the will to change our lives for the better.

Let usher in the feeling of self-overcome, to take the steps necessary to improve our lives.

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The tragedy of dreaming

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.

Dale Carnegie

Why do we put off living? Why do we prefer to dream than noticing that what we dream is already around us? What is living? What is dreaming? Why do we dream than noticing and enjoying the beauty around us? The tragedy of putting off living and starting dreaming what we want to live; cut us from an enormous pleasure of enjoying the beauty around us.

Many people want to leave their country, as in Algeria many Algerians want to immigrate in other countries because they’re generally desperate and unsatisfied where we live.  Some think that they’ll be happy there, and because happiness is impossible in Algeria. However, happiness is impossible in their minds and thoughts, what should we tell them about it? Happiness is achievement and not something that you find easily.

Immigration is the crisis of our age. People unsatisfied with the policy of their country and society leave them to live where they think that they will find satisfaction and happiness. So happiness is a universal pursuit and it’s more a state of mind than anything else.

The problem isn’t in Algeria but in our perception to what is happiness? How do we enjoy our life? How do we transform Algeria to be the country that satisfies our happiness? I don’t judge the patriotism of people, but I understand that they want to change and to live in a country where they are happy and happy with it.

Many people think that happiness and a better life are in another country. Even when they immigrate they still having this problem and happiness seem to be far away to be achieved.

So, why we Algerians aren’t happy in our country? Why do we think that the keys of happiness are in the north side of the sea? Do we need to reread and revise our philosophy of happiness? We must create one.

What is a philosophy of happiness? From the ancient ages philosophers tried to answer this question. Chinese, Indian, Greek and Stoics are giving us different keys to happiness and a good life.

There’s one thing for sure, happiness is neither the absence nor the abolishment of unhappiness, misery and suffering. We are looking for happiness and this problem is the same everywhere. So how do we make our country a little bit happy?

By rising up questions we dig in our prejudices and continuously we reveal the secret of life.

The green garden

 It’s not green at all in other gardens. Life doesn’t judge arbitrary as we do. We think that with the others everything is all right, it’s our model but that isn’t true. The others maybe they make it with hardship or the easy ways. Who knows? There’s no that green field we imagine it. If you want one, so you need to cultivate one.


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Is not made for defeat

But man is not made for defeat, he says. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated. Ernest Hemingway, the Old Man and the Sea.

What doesn’t kill me; makes me stronger. –Nietzsche

It’s hard to get something, especially the one that we struggle daily for it. Days of fight. Without forgetting that we are mobilized for an ardent engagement against human condition. When you win this thing, life makes you learn that it’s easy to lose everything.

If man can be destroyed but not defeated so for what human is made? Is s/he made for greatness? Can someone who is destroyed be great and happy? What is a human being? What is the lesson that we learn from life when it takes what we work for hardly and constantly.

Is our greatness lie in rebuilding ourselves in every time we are destroyed? What is this defeat? Who will defeat us? What is that thing that can’t kill us? How does it make us strong?

We don’t accept to stay at the caves; we go out and discover the lands. Well, humans looked up to the sky it’s time for space to be conquered, in all this history of conquests, we were destroyed by our enemies, nature and the fortune. There were those who take the light, and pursue the way of conquests. What doesn’t kill us, make us stronger. It’s like nothing can stop us.

The smallest conquests are steps for a big ones, it’s through accepting that you’ll be destroyed to begin again the fight, but it’ll be not like the last time, new things to experience and a new kind of knowledge, the world become familiar to you in every time you experience it.

Is suffering an illusion? Is our attachment created suffering? The old man suffers because he is so attached to the fish, it’s big and he doesn’t fish anything from days. It’ll have a good income. The old man will return to fish again and again. Saying no to defeat, he maybe will be destroyed many times, but until that doesn’t kill him he’ll become stronger and stronger day after day. Some people when they arrive to the top, they turned the evil side rises up and take over the person, and so s/he thinks her/his self big and powerful. But days show the inverse and that person returns to be less than she was. Grandeur isn’t easy, people who abuse power when they become at it, are those who get it by the easy way. But, look at those who get grandeur with hard works; they appreciate it and value it.

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To be human is to be superhuman

Great things are won by great dangers.


The great things for any human is what s/he dreams about, what s/he strives to be. No matter what kind of life you live I’m pretty sure that you’ve dreams and hopes. You want to live them rather than imagining them.

Humans are addicted to eternity, possession and power. It’s not strange that you find some humans declares themselves Gods over their people, or some of them have talked, seen, and heard God. I was asking myself why some humans think about themselves as Gods? They can’t create and prove their claims, if someone is a God so he must be able to create what makes God a God must make that person as God, the same. But, becoming a God has nothing to do with the physical world. It’s metaphysical, I think that we’ve something inside us within us that makes us in the image of God, first eternity, secondly possession and lastly power.

Human being knows that her/his challenges are greater than her/his power, and her/his hopes are greater than her/his capacities. The meeting of these two concept of human being with the reality of life, a life without sense and resistant to our concept create a psychological struggle inside her/him, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Being a human is a task as Kierkegaard thought, and it’s not easy to balance between challenges and your power, between hopes and capacities, if you want an example, just see anything that you want or you want it. How do you desire it? How do you think about it? Is it easy to achieve it? How hard and difficult it is?

Why am I leaving you without answers? Because I’ve a little experience and knowledge, and so I’m rising up many questions and that I learnt too much from history. I learnt from history about suffering, I just start learning about historical thinking concept. History is helpful for us, to understand the course of human suffering and why do we suffer? Why is there no equality between humans? Some people suffer and others overcome it and now achieve other great things and after overcoming great dangers.

What should we learn? I want to be honest in that; learn how to struggle and seek? Understand that seeking can’t be in the easy, we must decipher the codes. Scientists are the greatest seekers because their struggles are the greatest difficulties, however they overcome it and they move to the next struggle. The climbers climb the highest mountain, taking the greatest risks to achieve greatness.

As they climb to the peak, they strive they take rest and they feel both greatness and weakness. The same thing go in their life, to get what they want they must work hard, they feel happy and sad, because all the contradictions match, for that they become high spirit.

We are all seekers for a better life. If we just come to realize that this life is achieved by struggle by great difficulties. The pictures of people who strive in the world inspire us to thank life for all what we’ve. But we forget to take the great lessons; that in the suffering rises up the heroes and the savors of humanity.