Say “NO”

It’s very difficult for a person to say “NO”, we don’t want to disappoint people around us, we are afraid to enter into a conflict, or of being hurt or losing the other, losing his/her love, we are afraid of being disappointed, we also fear that others displeasing us and there’s the fear of rejection and abandonment.

We are unable to set limits, to respect, to be assertive, to find and take his/her place, we have a lack of love for ourselves, we have a lack of confidence and we have a lack of self-esteem. When we assert we become master of our lives we access an inner balance, so that we find our place in this world.

Say No, reflects a knowledge of our being, of your needs, and a respect of your limits, say no is a knowledge of what you want and that we discard and we renounce, at what is not right for us. Take decisions in accordance with your wishes, your values and your objectives. You  have always the choice. Say no for we access to the true yes, that we say it for what we are and to life.

By Mehdi.


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