Spiritual experience with Love

Rewire your brain by seeing with love and by thinking with love by moving in love by living as love , love is me, love is you, I am love, you’re love, we’re love. Listen to your heart in a space of stillness. Your heart speaks with the language of stillness.

We have all the love we need, the only thing we do to appreciate this love is to look in our heart. The highest spiritual experience is when we fall in love and we stay in it. Let love embraces us and keep it forever, let the first thing we offer is love, when we fall in love every moment is special, in that moment we feel like we have everything we need, the life we loved is loving us every day. We are so proud to be a part of her/his life. We started our relationship with love, we love share with others, we gave them help. We put her/him happiness before our own. We love her/him with all of our heart and we’ll do everything in our power to make her/him smile and happy.

You told her/him : “You are the pretty person you thought in the whole entire world”, she/he gave you a smile and replied: “How do you know that? You haven’t met every person in the whole entire world. You said:”Yes I have. You are my world”.  When  you wouldn’t see her/him again, you live far away from her/him and you feel that you love her/him more every day.

By Mehdi


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