Stand Up

Our dreams have meaning with love, without it dreams have no meaning, when we live in the now we will have to be aware of many things, the now is full of surprises. What the wisdom of life had put was always for the best of our happiness, without the struggle we would never see the courage and we will be never how we truly are. We want to know the future to change things that we don’t want to happen and that make us anxious and anguish we will be afraid, the right thing is to know how to live in the now to change things that we don’t want to happen, when we live in the now we can make a happy memories.

Life depends on what we have learnt through it, stand up in the face of the fear failure is not your destination but it just one part from the learn, with faith you can achieve what you want. What is the meaning of human life? we aren’t happy because we are looking for the meaning of life, we are so sad and depressed because we continue to search for happiness. it doesn’t consist to have all what you want, if you want to take everything you will lose everything. Take it simply and easy let life be and you will be happy, fear and anguish will disappear when you stop projecting your mind in the future and the past accepte to live in the now and you never need searching for happiness outside of your heart.

By Mehdi.



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