Be Thankful

Be thankful for everything you have, in life the key of success is the ability to stand up after one’s failure and to take every part of learning to teach yourself, repeated experiences teach us what we don’t want to learn, as you will live as you will learn, life is long journey of learning, it’s always listening and give us with according to our generosity.

It’s wrong to think that love would keep you from your destiny, it’s not the imagination but perseverance of thought with act and the combination of what you learn from your failure that caused success and make you who you are.

The doubts continued to gnaw at us, I used to say that a certain amount of struggle or hard time or difficulties or any form of suffering is necessary for every one at all times. If there’re no sufferings how would human occupy their lives? If there’re no sadness no struggle no pain what we do with our time?

By Mehdi.


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