Take it simple

Take a breath, there’s nothing hard in life even suffering, there’s nothing  complicated even struggle there’s nothing impossible even dream, life is very short, be happy have fun and laugh.

Take it simple don’t take every thought that comes into your mind seriously, thought is like the cloud in the sky, cloud pass one each other, it’s the same thing with our thoughts.

I know when we say to someone ” I’m fine ” but we want to say ” I’m not fine. Please help me. ” We wear a mask of happiness and a good life, we don’t show to the others our pain and sadness and angers.

It’s wrong to say ” I cannot love again ” or ” I cannot find love “, love is like water, it is every where in earth, we need it to survive, we cannot live without it, it’s the same thing with love, we need is we live for it.

You must let your intuition speak, if you want to hear your soul and to know the way that you should to walk through it you will find your treasure, intuition knows things we can’t see them and believe in them, let intuition speak and obey to it.

By Mehdi.


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