Fear is choice

Fear is choice who you are in this moment? We create our life from every thoughts with every word, silent or spoken. Remove from your mind all judgment and critic free yourself from fear and the opinion of the others.

Don’t  be worry, life is simple, very simple and there’s no bad things in it, we create these bad things and we blame it for what we had did.

Only with confidence and experience we can crush our fear. Fear isn’t real. It’s  the product of imagination we imagine things that will never be happen, we create fear from our thoughts of future.

We give up because we are living our fears, because we are focusing on things we fear not things we desire, but it’s what makes someone stronger and wiser, in it we find courage, in fear we find our value and we progresse.

Fear isn’t a bad thing, it’s our negative thought makes it bad, fear is one part of learning, one of many lessons we learn from the wisdom of life. Life always be the best teacher.

It’s our look and judgment that make thing hard. Don’t look at the fear with your negative thought, look at it with your positive thought and open your heart to life an you will realize that fear teach you to find the most highest values in life like confidence, courage, stillness, love, and the biggest is to live in the now.

By Mehdi.


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