I learn to forgive

I may not be perfect and I’m not wanting to impress anyone else. I’m not anyone, I’m who I choose to be. I’m me. To be honest is not enough I know that honesty is high virtue, but you should to be who you are, to find your virtue in yourself, you are you when you just speak what’s on your mind.

Before the sun of the day starts to shine, I would learn to forgive. Without forgiveness we can’t do anything, it’s an act of intelligent. I would learn to forgive, isn’t ease for me to do that because The ego interrupt my process of healing,  I used  to say I forget what was done to me, but I’ll be remembering the lessons I learned from it.

Don’t believe everything that you hear, the way that make bad things real in our life is to focus on them. Forgive those who have hurt you don’t think that forgiveness makes you weak, don’t focus on their guilt, because in focusing on it, you make it real for you, forgiveness makes you free.

By Mehdi.



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