What a wonderful idea!

It’s difficult for someone when he was right, but no one believed him. It’s hard to look for answers in your life, I wish life would tell me the answers. I believe that love will grow faster if we water it by forgiveness, the road will be long, but we follow it the end. You will enjoy yourself if you relax and to take life simple.

Forgiveness help me to be free, I free myself from the anger and revenge, forgiveness means “Faith in Love”,we should to have the faith that love can transform things in the better for us.

Fear stand up in our life because we haven’t experience in life, experience can’t be possessed. fear burn from our negative thoughts and the thoughts of future, remember the future doesn’t exist and for that fear doesn’t exist.

I want to be free and to be happy in my own pathway in my own place. We must examine the life in which we live, one’s intuition is correct. We should never be afraid to state our views, one should try to educate oneself as well as  possible and to teach one’s children a sens of responsibility.

By Mehdi.



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