The Best Things in Life

Love is a journey through life, we learn from this adventure many lessons and we grow better. Every one should learn from his/her own experiences. We will not have any difficulty in life if we see with an eye of love everything around us. None of us were late for learning.

When you see him/her  so often that you feel you know him/her quite well and you feel happy, you want to write a new story and so do you. Descartes said : “I think therefor I am”, the way I say:”I love therefor I live, I’m happy therefor I’m free, I’m free therefor I’m happy”, love is the most important thing in life, it who we are miracles exist in the presence of love.

When you fall in love you reflect and immerge a wonderful feeling you are happy just because you are loved and you are accepted by another person because he loves you  just for who you are. What you see with your physical eyes are less than the life is, you can’t understand the life with your physical eyes, the meaning of experience is invisible to the eye. Life is a biggest experience.

Our task lies in our living for each other. To have isn’t mean to have everything that you want but to give than to want. We should to learn how to be compassion in our life and we do opening a new spaces of possibility. We need to create more love than to ruin everyone’s day everyone’s life.

Spinoza said: ” Whatever is, is in God, and nothing can exist or be conceived without God.” The way I say: Nothing can exist or conceived outside of the plan of Nature. It leads us to one destination is love, it makes love holy and we live to make life happy and free.

Death isn’t the end of life but a tunnel of light to another adventure. It’s the greater light of life.  It makes life important, we learn from it to use life wisely. The wise use of life is to appreciate the small things of happiness, to be happy and to love more. We want more life for that we continue to fall in love and we continue to forgive, we should to follow the light we should to be true for ourselves than being less.

You are a great person than the person you were yesterday, the best things in life that they transform and transcend it, we can find them in our appreciation love, kindness, respect, forgiveness, freedom, stillness, peace, compassion, happiness. Spinoza said:” I have felt bound in the end to embrace other views.” I use to say:” I have felt bound in the end to embrace freedom and love, I’m compassion, I’m happy.”

By Mehdi.


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