I’m as happy as a lark

We carry qualities that distinguish us, kindness which characterizes us and love in all its form. To live without that you wait for that the others give you, to live without that you wait for that the others give you, it’s a forme of freedom, the most important person in your life is you! Say in everyday “I’m a happy person than I was yesterday”  We attract only what is in harmony with our inner self, we should to accept that suffering is necessary to achieve a perspective on life.

It’s hard to not be interested in what others may think of us, because we are always dependent of the society when we live. Give yourself at yourself rather than you request the others  give you. The self-esteem increase when you reply  to your own needs. Happiness is a choice we make it now, it’s possible now, life is lived now. Who is happy, he knows well that the only moment that matters to him is the now.

To have faith in life is to accept what it offers to you, struggle, suffering and misery are useful, everything is useful in life, even if it’s not what you expect. Enjoy the benefits of life, don’t judge anyone without understanding their reasons, believe always that suffering lead to beautiful destinations, life is a journey for other people perhaps a game, a tragedy, if you want to be a winner in life you just have to let life be, let things go are the simplest way to be happy and you learn better than you were yesterday.

By Mehdi.


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