The Space When You Live Determines Your Personality

If you grow in space of love you will grow in happiness, if you grow in space of freedom you will grow in responsibility. As your space of the best things in life grow, so you grow. You live everyday and in it a new spaces of possibilities are opening, the space when you grow affect your personality.

You need to grow in your own space, your dreams are the stars of your space and love is the gravity in it. All humans live in a space of negative thoughts that make them feel unhappy, they find a difficulties to look on the bright side of things and they ask the fabulous question:” What’s going on in my mind?” Sometimes people are judging us and they made us feel bad about ourselves, there’s another thing when the mind is determining how we should to see things it can be ease to feel unhappy, our mind is the creator of the space when we grow, the roots of our unhappiness lies in our living an unreal life, because we take pictures to our life outside ourselves.

Growing-up means to accept responsibilities for what you want to happen in your life, the way I say:”To accept responsibility for the suffering”, it means to will any good things is to will every bad things.

To grow through life is to have the ability to say Yes to it, if we are therefore showing an appreciation of kindness, for everything that is in our life, all this moment have made our lives possible and we will find happiness and we will learn the joy of life is heavy and powerful than suffering. Don’t say “no” to suffering, we should to say “yes” to it, because it’s a part of life, we should to accept that suffering and misery are necessary for humans to realize greatness, we should to express a powerful aspiration for life, exactly as it is. Moment of life do repeat themselves,  everything happens again identically, what has occurred in the past will occur again, that everything that occurs in the future has occurred in a previous time.

By Mehdi.


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