To Enjoy the Benefits of Love

Life is an adventure to be experienced, it’s a choice it goes on and we take a risque in the unknown, working through suffering, that’s what makes someone go forward. Keep it simple by letting things go, when you don’t like something be nice, if you want something work for it.

We just have one life, enjoy the benefits of it, the now is the only chance to be happy in life, enjoy the little things in love now not tomorrow and you  realize they were the keys of your happiness. Enjoy the now and believe in love and you will see wonderful things in your life. Love can be appreciated in the now.

You will never love if you are searching for what love includes of, if you want it just fall in love or die trying. I have due respect for human life but our greatest respect should be for love. Love your life for all that you have while you are working for that you want. Let love speak through your heart, love is the remedy of the ego. As love talking ego is silent.

You can find love with people that inspire you, people that make you happy, people that enjoy with you the benefits of love.

By Mehdi.

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