The hard work

Suffering is there for a reason, I know that everything happens to me for a reason, you learn from hard times something great you will seem to have a clear idea of how you should lead your life. Sometimes life may get harder, don’t stop and keep going, never doubt the power of life, ask it for help and trust it, you will find your strength, we learn from hard times to see things with our hearts, we can see the light of life with our hearts when all our eyes see darkness.

Hard times proves your attitude and show you the truly face of people around you, in the end people who stay there are your truly friends. Don’t be anxious about anything, don’t give up and keep going even when things don’t make senses, even when we don’t understand. We learn that we can’t change the world, but we learn to be wise and to be aware of change, the best change that we can make it is to change ourselves.

We can’t see the best things of life with our physical eyes because they’re unseen, to see them we close our eyes and we see them with the eyes of the heart.

By Mehdi.

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