I believe in life

In the beginning life created happiness and suffering, and life said:” Let there be happiness ” and there was happiness, and life saw the happiness, that it was good. If you can see the light of life with your heart, you can’t lose anything.

Life give us something powerful can show us things we can’t see them with our eyes, it’s faith, we don’t need to understand all the detail of things, and we don’t need to know why this is happening right now, and we don’t need to search for a meaning of life because happiness demands that each person enjoy what they own.

I focus on my aim and I trust my intuition and I live a happy life, I am stronger than my worries. I choose to be happy, I learn from the strength of others and love and freedom inspire me daily, they make me live a courageous life.

Be happy for all those beautiful little things of life, they still left around you, forgive yourself and who hurt you and don’t forget to be happy and to smile everyday. Be happy is the most powerful thing that make us stronger and lively. Everything is worth it if we are happy, there are things to be thankful for one of them is ” happiness “, there’re love and freedom and stillness, kindness,..etc.

When you love someone you do everything you can just to make her/him happy, learn to love without condition, the world needs love. Don’t be afraid, in the right moment you must kiss your beloved and you must told told her/him how you feel.

By Mehdi.


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