Kind of happiness

I always used to say if you love someone, just tell it, keep it simple and fall in love, it’s the maker of pretty heart, I hope that everyone keep life simple and fall in love, don’t be afraid to tell your feelings and don’t regret if you had loved someone, love is wonderful. I wish you a happy life and I’ll be happy because my heart is open to love.

So be happy and keep smiling and forgive and trust yourself and live as much as you breath and don’t forget to love all over again. It’s not the last time when I fall in love my heart is always open to love because it’s the maker of the pretty heart.

Sometimes you need to smile, even if you don’t know the reason why you’re smiling, let your heart be happy and remember just keep moving forward. Each one cares of his own eternal happiness,  we’ll never be happy if you keep searching for happiness and love outside ourselves, your happiness resides within you, the right way to pursuit happiness is just to be happy for what you have and you work for what you want.

To will a happy life without suffering is the aim of all human beings, but that’s what life exist for, your life comes from the way that you think, suffering is the way that lead us to greatness to be kind, to be stronger and to be better than we were yesterday,  What you deserve in life? You deserve to be happy, a kind person makes everyone come to him happy he knows that life will be better when he’s smiling, it will be better when he forgive and when he’s kind with everyone, kindness is the language of love.

Life is too short don’t waste much time in worries and fears, let things go and just remember your happiness is too important than your worries and fears, choose to be happy and let life be. You will be happy if you appreciate what you already have, let all the worries and fears go and better things come along.

By Mehdi

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