The light of life

Simple definition of happiness is to enjoy the now because the now will be a memory, make your now joyful and you will make happy memories. I call freedom and courage when you do what you are afraid to do, don’t lose your hope in life, we feel sometimes happy and we feel unhappy at others,  you said happiness is not permanent and in that sense it’s not real, we go into happiness in a positive definition, without seeking what happiness is not, from that we feel unhappy all of the time.

The light of life never goes down, even when the sun lies down, the stars rise up in the sky, Life we love it with all it pains and sufferings, we love it forever. What is more important in your life? You will answer me: “To be happy” And I ask you:”How do you find happiness?” You will answer me:” I’m just happy” But you aren’t happy all the time, you can’t know what means happiness if you don’t experience unhappiness, sometimes we feel missing something in life, we look for a meaning in life we search for a fulfillment, we feel lost in life, how do we find ourselves?

No love without freedom, I used to say about the three greatest things that save us in life love, freedom and happiness are the lights of life, I don’t forget the fourth greatest and powerful thing is the smile, it’s all at you if you change your thoughts you will change everything, let the others see that you are special, that you are a kind person. Do what love is freedom, love what you do is happiness, we deserve what we want to be don’t complicate the simple things, life goes on, enjoy what you have.

By Mehdi.



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