Happy Moment

Without loving each other, life is impossible, you must open your heart and allow wonderful things like kindness, smile, joy, happiness, love and stillness, let them flow into into your life. We are the makers of the music, create your song and sing it along your life, we are the artists of our life we paint it with our paintbrush, break your prison and open your heart, let your heart appreciate the happy moment of life, let your heart fall in love, let your heart be free.

A free people have the courage to follow their dreams, they fight for their beliefs, they allow themselves to laugh and they smile and they forget any worries, they love themselves first and they use their freedom to serve one another in love. Can we have a happy moment? Sure we can have one, if we experience through life what happiness is not? When we understand what happiness is not, we get ride of that negative understand, whenever you take something in without understanding that isn’t the right way to learn in life.

The happy moment for us  when we are with our family or with our best friends sharing funniest moment, no one is perfect but everyone is real, we were born to be happy, we were born to fall in love. The less you complicate your life the happiest moment you have.

The three easy ways to be happy are:

  1. Accept what you don’t want to happen in your life.
  2. Learn from what you don’t want to know in your life.
  3. Let go what you don’t live without in your life.

The happy moments are the gifts of life, they proof the generosity of life, but we can’t hear the voice of life because we are to busy or we turn our backs to the call of life, we are looking for a meaning for life, while life calls us everyday take time to listen to the call of life and respond to its call. Life is too short and for that you should make your time for what is more important to you, what is the most important thing to you? the most important thing to me is to keep my mind without worries, and to do what makes me smile and I take time to laugh, we can appreciate happiness when we recognize what we have, we make happy moment from what we have.

Do the best you can and show your goodness and kindness, Then the happy moment will come to you and embrace your life, it’s all up to you. Do you want to find happiness? look at your heart and listen to your intuition, it says to you ” Life isn’t a problem to solve but it’s laugh and smile it’s love and freedom, it’s a wonderful journey.”

By Mehdi.


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