I Love the wisdom of life

I use to take a silent place and to close my eyes and to look deeply in my self, as deeply I look inside myself I recognize the inner peace, the key of spiritual life gains strength from the inner peace.

There’s no need to go elsewhere to search for happiness and love, Happiness is to go more deeply into what you already have and don’t stop doing the thing that you love and always laugh when you can.

We learn many lessons from life, one of them “LET IT GO”, when we learn to let go the things we tried hardly to control, we learn to let go the past with its people, we learn to let go the thoughts of future,  and we know that fear exists in the thoughts of the future, if we focused in the now by let it go or let life be, we can find joy and love, and we make joyful moments in everyday life.

Life still give us hope, it still make us happy, if we respond to its call we live our lives fully and simply, the wisdom of life teaches me that I’m not responsible to make the others see the error of their paths, I learn to be responsible for myself, I’m focusing on myself and I do what I believe is right.

Why did us deny or ignore the call of life? We deny the call of life because we let our thoughts control our life, then the best way to free ourselves from the suffering is to work with life, and life is Now, it’s our best ally, no matter what happen to you life, the thing who does matter is to stay in the now and to observe what is happening inside you, because things happen in life for a reason and you can’t do anything to stop them or to intercepte them, if you watch your thoughts and emotions, you become aware of the importance thing in life is to be on the Now.

You just have to create your own light, when we can’t put in words what we feel inside our hearts, life comes and listen through our hearts, we must have confidence in life in return it gives us what we need from it, everyone needs something from life.

Things happen and each one of them have a reason, whatever this things contain, accept it, don’t resist and don’t worry, you just know the best way to free yourself from the pain is to work with the now, to surround to the now, accept it or chose it, look at it like your best friend or your best ally, it will transform miraculously your entirely life.

By Mehdi.

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