Stay in the Now, life is beautiful

When you listen to the call of life, you realize how important to live in the Now, and when you live in the Now you can hear the voice of your intuition, if you listen to it and have confidence on it your heart will be free, the only thing you must do it, is to have the courage to follow your heart, life is about joy, compassion, kindness and love. It’s about to becoming who we are and to do what we love and to be happy if we just listen to the call of life, when we do that we find our destiny easily.

I don’t want more things to be happy in my life, I should just be happy with what I’ve, I don’t fear the unknown and it’s not to late to change, every choice I make in my life I make it Now. If you live for people acceptance, love will be slavery, you will be their slave, if you accept your situation in life and you live in the Now, love will be freedom first love yourself and be happy for what you have.

Love lights the whole life, to be in the Now is to let your own light shine. If humans create love inside themselves they will also able to create outer love, you will find love inside you when you stay in the Now in your life, we will create more love to ourselves keep your circle positive.

By Mehdi.


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