I used to compare the authors of books I had read, I said : ” This author of this book is better than the author of the last book I had read.” Until I realize that every author is unique in his style of writing, every thinker is unique in his philosophy, every one is unique in his teaching, I was wrong in my comparison for that I stopped it, you can’t compare books because everyone tell us a story, everyone have something to teach us in life.

Reading a book is like you experience many lives and that make you aware of things that you didn’t experienced them yet, I used to say I had learned so many helpful things I’m always using them in my life, books teach us that we can’t find happiness, love and the meaning of life outside ourselves, there’s strong relation between reading books and consciousness, we will be more aware with more experiences in life, only the reader of books know that through surrender he/she will be free internally from the worries, readers are free higher spirits because they feel the power of the Now, when you read a book you surrender yourself to the Now,  you can feel the abundance of being.

By Mehdi.

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