To Be Present

One of the obstacles, that keeps us below is the compulsive thinking, obstacle likes fear and other negative things are the creation of mind, they’re mind-made, they are illusions. We want to liberate our consciousness from thoughts forms, we want to be free from the egoic mind.

Don’t judge the thoughts of your mind but observe them and listen to their voice, your are the witness of your thoughts and your emotions, observe what thoughts are your mind creating around any event you just have passed through into it, then observe the emotion, which the body’s reaction to those thoughts, because we create our reality as a reflection of how we feel.

You can get a higher dimension of consciousness if you put your attention into your thoughts, they then can’t control your thinking, stay conscious and watch your thoughts directly and listen to their voice, when something bad happen to me, I don’t stay thinking about it, I don’t let my feeling turn into thinking, I don’t judge and I don’t ask why that happen to me? I’m just staying present.

No matter what happen to you in life, the thing who does matter is to stay in the Now and to observe what is happening inside you because things just happen for a reason and you can’t do anything to stop them, but you can become aware of your emotion by being present and watch whatever you feel inside you, you are the only one who can do this, nobody can do it for you, to be conscious is to be present at that moment and observe whatever you feel within.

By Mehdi.


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