Inner Space

The conscious individual is taking responsibility for their inner space. I’m responsible for my inner space. Let keep our inner space clear. By being present in every activity we do it opens up new dimensions of consciousness in each moment. If human create inner peace inside themselves they will also able to create outer peace. Love lights the whole life.

We should understand and accept everything is okay as it is. No matter what happens on the Now, the thing that truly matters is to stay present as the observer of your mind. There’s no meaning of life but the one we give it, to be presence is truly matter because you become aware of your deeper self, your powerful reality.

It’s okay to have a negative emotions, but don’t forget to observe your mind, your thoughts will become emotions, and your emotions become your actes and the are the  reflection of your personality.

So much of human activity and experience is driven by fear. Fear can’t prevail against the Now. Don’t let the fear rise up into your mind. Fear is preventing you from taking action. Be fully present with your fear.

Go into your choice fully, enjoy it. As you do in life, do it totally. Enjoy the flow of the high energy of life in the Now. Just doing and enjoying what you want and doing what you love, without projecting yourself into the future and without resisting the present.

I will create no more pain for myself. human have invested much time in a false sense of self. Problems are illusions, they don’t exist what truly exist is the Now, problem doesn’t exist in the Now, only situation. Only the way in which you deal with your challenges and your struggles will show who you are. We create unhappiness in our life, when we make the present-moment an enemy.

By Mehdi.



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