Osho Quotes: unique individuality

“Each person is born with a unique individuality, and each person has a destiny of his or her own. Imitation is crime, it is criminal. If you try to become a Buddha, you may look like Buddha, you may walk like him, you may talk like him, but you will miss. You will miss all that life was ready to deliver to you. Buddha happens only once.” ~ Osho

Each person is original, no one can be the copy of another person, even you love this person and you make him or her your idol, you will never become him or her, each person walk in his or her own way of destiny. We miss our life in our attempt to become like someone else, we believe that their life is full of joy and love, than our life empty of all kind of joy and love, it’s not true, love and joy can be real if you look what kind of life you’ll have, love your life for all that you have, life call us in every moment, don’t miss your life, love yourself first, everyone happens once.

“You don’t feel empty because you don’t have much money. You feel empty because you have not yet encountered your real self, you have not come to your authentic individuality. Individuality makes you a light unto yourself.” ~ Osho

The light of life will never goes down, even when the sun lies down the stars rise up in the sky, with heart we can see the light of life, give yourself at yourself, listen to your intuition, it knows things you can’t believe and understand it, let it speak and obey to it,  when you do so, you will find your light, yourself will be the light that shine everyday, be the light, let your light shine everywhere.  

By Mehdi



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