Happiness is Feel your presence

People spend their entirely life waiting to start living, they don’t appreciate what they already have, they don’t recognize what life gives them and they turn their back when life call them, and they keep searching for a meaning of life, they reject what they’ve got, and they want or more precisely they run after what they haven’t got, we go through life with a false belief that future will make us free of our past, future for us is where we want to be and we always project ourselves in this time and that reduces the meaning of our lives,

If you want to take responsibility for yourself don’t lose your present moment. Only on the Now is the right moment to be happy, happiness is to be who you are, walk your way with confidence and focused in the Now, don’t get too attached when you let go you will be happy, be kind on the heart, trust yourself, no one is perfect, but everyone is always himself/herself.  

By Mehdi.

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