Love what you have

Most of people search for what happiness consists of, they aren’t happy because they want what they haven’t got, happiness is to learn to love what you have, but we can’t love what we have because we let our mind control us, it project us the future and we believe that true happiness we find it in the future  before that life teaches you to love what you lost.

Don’t worry any more, the circumstances aren’t your life but only your life situation illness is created when you don’t accept the transformation to happen in your life, it means you will suffer, you must go with the flow of life, you will find your greatest happiness in the Now, it will realize you from the illusion created by the egoic-mind, you will find your greatest joy in what you already have.

Finally Forgiveness is what makes someone be free, it teaches you to surrender to the Now, and when you do so you let the Now teach you to be yourself.

By Mehdi.

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