The aim of someone

People don’t stop talking about happiness, they don’t stop writing about happiness, they don’t stop searching or looking for it, we have a desire for happiness, it would be the aim of all humanity to be happy, in a world of constant change, I want to ask you a question: Are you happy? May you say : of course I’m happy, but in reality you are not, because your mind dominates your life, it’s ease to say I’m happy, but be happy is like an art to be present in every moment of your life, I tell you about my experience I has bought a bike, I haven’ ride any bike along last 10 years of my life and for that I asked my brother to teach me how can I ride it, I was afraid but he encouraged me and taught me how to ride it, I decide to learn with laugh and smile and I had made mistakes of course it’s normal, but I begin to ride it good now, it was a happy moment with my brother not only that even my sister comes to me and ask me some question about ideas, we discuss ideas concerning human rights, faith and religion, girls rights and woman rights, it’s another happy moment, to be with your family learning something new in your life from them, I had observed that the aim of everyone of my family is to be his in his/her life, everyone search for something inside himself/herself, he/she looks for who you are, and what I had learnt from this moments, in my family we are one, the right way to understand things it learn from what happen to you right now, and to conceder it as a situation not a problem.

By Mehdi.


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