Let everyone learn

What we call negative things in reality they are the art of life, we believe that in our resistance to what is, lies our strength but what you think of being resistance is only a weakness and what you think of being weakness is your power, don’t let your ego run your life and don’t let it identifie things, your life situation isn’t the problem, the ego who run or control your life is the problem, the ego sees every life situation as your real life, it resists to what is, creating illness and suffering.

Let everyone learn that from your surrender to suffering, don’t resist what is, accept what is inside, embrace the suffering and see how the surrender transmutes your illness into your strength. I want to ask you: Do you see what you have in your life? I know that your mind still always projecting you in the future and you believe that your life situation is your life, you create a script in your mind about your life situation and then your mind use it to create a victim person, and telling your stories endure the suffering, let life be and let time go, the only sane way to live is to accept what happens in your life the way it’s, you must live in complete acceptance of what is, we learn from life situation how to use wisely the present moment rather than waste it, the power of Now can free you of ego dominance.

If you stay present as the observer of your minds, stay present as the watcher of your thoughts, stay present as the one who felt his/her feeling,  nothing can shake you even the ego.

By Mehdi.


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