I’m happy with my partner.

The truly happiness is to appreciate what we already had, we thought that we discover happiness outside of ourselves, in keeping searching for it until the moment when we realize that it was imprinted on us by life, it run with you all your life, you can’t pay attention for it, because you are believing what your mind is telling you.

Some people find and believe that their happiness lie in controlling their partners, the happiness of each one is independent from his/her partner, if your aim is to control your partner believing that will make you happy you are wrong, you can’t build a relationship and success in it, if you let your ego control it, don’t let your ego control you, if ego control your relationship you will suffer in it, and your partner will suffer with you.

Learn to listen to your partner in an open, non defensive way, let love and compassion drive your activities and experiences, by being present in every moment of your life, you will free yourself from egoic mind dominance and you will be the one who help to free his/her partner from its current state of egoic mind dominance. 

By Mehdi.


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