The Ego

I have read a wonderful books about spiritual teaching, like the return to love and the power of now and stillness speaks and the age of miracles, and other books. You want to ask me what you have learnt from this books? I answer you: ” Be present in your life, attention, here and now, wake up.” Stay conscious and

Suffering isn’t the problem. If we let the egoic mind control us that is the problem, people keep looking for the solutions to their problems, to their timely problems, if problem exists in time and time is an illusion then problem is an illusion and than it will be illogical to find a solution to something is illusion, problem is mind-made, it can survive only on time and what we call it the solution of problem is another illusion mind-made to keep us in time, and if we live in time we will its prisoner.  

Love yourself and listen to your Partner in an open heart. Don’t let your ego control your relationship. Living a life of resistance to the Now, will boost your ego, it will create a life of conflict and strife, pain and stress, disease and unhappiness. The ego would have us resist the Now, to deal with it we must use the negative things for enlightenment, your life situation have nothing to do with who you truly are it by withdraw time from what happens in your life, you will be free from the ego.

The ego can use anything by pretending to be you, the now is our own conscious presence, be the watcher of your thoughts and listen to their voice. Put your attention to them they then can’t control your thinking.

By Mehdi.


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