Don’t disguise yourself

Everyone is unique in this world, everyone represent possibility in this universe, don’t disguise yourself you must believe in it, don’t say yes when you want to say no, don’t waste your life in thinking, you should work for your happiness you should work in what you believe. Give yourself a lot of love, believe in life, trust your partner.

Make a distinction between your life and life situation, learn from your experience, be present when you learn from it, the intuitive sense can lead us in a higher level of consciousness, intuition can’t lie to us, it knows how to achieve things without spending our life in thinking and creating stress and anxiety.

Don’t disguise yourself by ignoring the call of life, life speak with you through your intuition. It’s the intelligence of consciousness. You want to hear it you must stay on the Now and observe your thoughts and emotions, stop the identification with your mind, you will hear it when your consciousness transformes from time to presence.

Give attention to your intuition as it occur in the present, and trust it and feel your presence.

By Mehdi.    

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