I’m happy with my family I pass with them a lot of my moment of life, I’m enjoying laughing with them at the dinner table, I tell them some jock, we talk about politics and different ideas, it’s a wonder harmony in my family.

My happiness is in to be present in my life, I can appreciate it if I enjoy what I have now, and My Family is one part of many parts of my happiness, family is a gift of life, it could allow happiness and compassion, and everything in it contribute to allow us in a highest level of consciousness.

If you stay thinking that, your happiness is with someone created by your mind and you let it projecting you in the future, you are wasting your best present moment with the best persons may be you will never see persons like them in your wholly life. Go now and enjoy your best moment with your family.

Family teaches love and compassion, I talk about my personal experience in life, despite all the difference in opinions, there still some kind of love and compassion between us in my family. I used to count the happy moment; I have enjoyed with the members of my family that’s make a happy souvenirs it’s make me happy. If you want to make some happy memories, it’s easy you must make them with your family now.    

Moreover, wherever you go enjoy your life, with the sane persons near to you.

By Mehdi.


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