Religious Fanatics

Killing and murdering people in the name of God’s will is a crime, who did so is a criminal not a believer, someone will say ” It’s not a criminal, it’s being offered redemption, everyone needs redemption, doesn’t he/she? ” You will hear some people say that the rules of human or their laws are unfair, they don’t give humans any justice but the laws of God do so, they give justice because you can take it with your hands, that is wrong it’s not justice this is vengeance.  

 If we take a deep look to humans we see that they used God to justifie their positions and acts, you can’t force people to believe in something they can’t see, they’re gonna need to see some hard proof, you got any? I know that fanatics will use violence to get their aims, they’re insane because they’re gonna kill somebody or some people because God told them to.

Those murders were because of religious fanaticism, fanatics say ” We have received the word of God, we have read his holy book and he orders them to smite the wicked ” and they drive innocent people to kill, they say ” You were chosen to smite some sinner, and we’ve given you the keys to heaven “, they’re lost, misguided. What they’re doing isn’t God will.  they’re misguided souls to think that God’s will incite people to murder.

To corrupt the faith of people they use dogmas and superstitions, ignorance resides in believing or having faith in something have any available evidence, people believe that the world is under the control of higher unseen powers, it is hard to prove that it exists; it is hard to disprove that it exists; I feel sorry for humans, because they kill each other in the name of this higher unseen power, they call it  ” GOD. “

By Mehdi


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