Sun blesses nature

In the morning when the sun rises up, the light goes everywhere in the land, the sun shines every day and its power the light goes everywhere, its light gives the life to the nature and it gives the hope of human, it’s the beginning of a new story a new life, it’s the beginning  of new season, it will be fruitful and multiply.

In every day morning the sun says to the nature and the creatures of the nature: “Let there be light” The light goes everywhere in nature and every creature enjoys the light of the sun. The light blesses the nature and everything in it.

The light of sun is the beginning of a new page in life, take your chance in every new day morning go to see the light and let it blesses you.

By Mehdi.

Photo credits : www.youramazingplaces.com620 × 465Recherche par image hd_wallpaper_84


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