Nature and Happiness

Do you hurt someone you love? Certainly you will say: “No, I don’t. But let me tell you that you do, like me, if you say you love nature and you walk every day in it, you appreciate its kindness and beauty, and you breathe its fresh air why you hurt it with your car and trash, we hurt nature by pollution, and we’re the cause of this disastrous destruction of nature. We’re so wicked creature, so hypocrites it’s like that we thank nature by hurting it. I’m sorry nature, after all what it had did for us, we render the good for evil.   

Everything is perfect in nature, look at this peaceful harmony the tree stands in peace and it carries in its branches all kind of life. Can human be in peace like the tree? If it’s all the kind of human around him/her will be in peace.

Nature gives us freedom, love and compassion and it helps us to be present in our lives and it helps us to free ourselves from the ego dominance not only all of that, through it we learn to be more aware in life. We find awareness in the harmony of everything in nature.

Nature has the key to be present in your life and then to find yourself, therefor to be happy.

photo source :

By Mehdi.

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