I thank life for everything that it makes for me, for everything that it gives to me, I appreciate that gifts. I have learnt to make a distinction between my life and my life situation, I have passed through hard moments, but they were moments to make peace inside me to focus on the now and to believe in its powers.

I have some admiration to Blaise Pascale, he is a great philosopher despite his pessimism he told us to look at life with the real definition of things, I know that he was always ill and he wrote pessimistic work known as The Pensée. He hve evoked everything that was terrible about life.

I have written about every good thing in life until I have read an article about Pascale Philosophie and his point of view about life, when I read it many times, I remember my childhood and all the misery I have passed through it. My optimistic point of view cames from my suffeing and misery I could say from my pessimism.

I conclud that pessimism is the most necessary thing for someone to be optimistic. Blaise Pascale is  great thinker, he want to teach us some needful lessons, when we’re weak and we fell ill, then we may learn some mportant lessons in our lives, the easy way to be unhappy is to accustom yourself to obtain everything you want to have without suffering for it and without any hard work .

 If you have acquainted with suffering, you will know the tenderness of compassion. Suffering isn’t an ennemy, it’s our best friend, we call some people our best friends when they’re always with us, supporting us, loving us and making us happy and that exactly what suffering, misery and pain do, they’re our best friends.

By Mehdi.  

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