The Power of Light

Let the light divides the day from the night, see the power of light goes everywhere in the universe and in nature, in the day and in the night the light of sun and the light of the stars and the moon feed all the creture of nature, how holy is light then let there be light in the morning and in the night, let the light blesses all the creature of life, let the light blesses the children of nature, everything born in the shine of light.

Look at the perfection of nature, let nature educare children ths best education you can gift them is to teach them to learn from their experiences and to grow up in harmony with nature. Let the light of nature wakes up in everyone the consciousness of being, let them see the power of light in the present moment of their lives. In every times when I fall down, I wake my head and I see the light hand me its hand, and it says : ” stand up. ” And the light pours its wealth in my life, and I understood that I have to fight in order that the life of all human beings are high in light.

I hope that Light will bring some justice to these poor people, they are the vctims of human behaviour unfairess, I demand from life to show these people its light as it shows me too. I know that they can may be, to remove some of your rights in life but they will never get to prevent the light to spread, it will spread its wealth on the people.   

By Mehdi.


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