I write any idea comes in my mind, we’re so stranger creature in our beaviour we leave our beloved to another, we leave our best friends to others and we believe that our happiness, we find it in the future and in another place. No one like to live misery life, a life of sorrow, pain and unhappiness, we have a false image of life, that it’s whole of happiness and love everywhere around the world.

We have been educated from the childhood to look at the glass of life as half-full, we have a false undersand of life, we have learnt to e optimsitic and to have a positive thoughts, to think that future will be better than our present life. If you stay believing in this education of another humans, you go in the wrong way of your life, your truly being.

I have believed in a world of morality and I led my life on morality, I felt that I’m a stranger in this world. I felt that I’m not on my truly nature or being, I haven’t learnt fom my experiences, if I can’t lead my life with my own understanding of things around me and far away from me, how can I live?

The stranger begins comparing himself with whatever surrounds him, because he hasn’t learnt or never be teaching to reason, but to use the reason of anoher. He takes all the lessons of humans, he believes that makes him acceptable between them, he runs after them asking them love and friendship. But they let him lonly in everytime, and he feels as a stranger on this world.

By Mehdi


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