Adapt yourself to circumstances

If you take a deep observation to nature, you will see that the powerful two things in nature are light and water, they go everywhere in nature, nothing can stop them. they don’t resist to anything in nature, they achieve their aims with perseverance without be tired from trying and trying again.

We learn a lesson from the water, sometimes resisting to what happen to us in life might mean being destroyed, I want from you to go to the river and look at its waters, you will see that they adapt themselves to whatever lane proves possible. After that you will realize that resisting to things isn’t what make you stronger but in accepting them and you adapt to the circumstances.

Love is  everywhere, and you can feel it in every single unit in the universe, because love is the light of life, when the universe was created, light and love were created too. When the light of love shines on your life, you will realize that if you have an important negative things, you must use them for enlightenment. Circumstances in your life have nothing to do with who you truly are.

By Mehdi.

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