New Day New Light

In every new morning is another new day and new light, the sun shines everywhere and say to us : ” This is a new day and new beginning, life calls all the creature when you hear its call say yes to it, don’t forget you are the children of nature, and every new day in this holy universe is another chance to be happy and to be who you are and to be aware. Be thankful for nature and for life, in every new thing happens in your life, there’s a new chance and a new challenge to change your life. Don’t resist to the new accept it and follow the cycle of life.”

Go in every morning and see the light of your life comes to you, and go in the evening of the day to see the light of your life go far away from you, and ask yourself: ” Did I enjoy that light in this day? Did I take the opportunity of this light? ” If you don’t so the next morning don’t lose it. Wake up in every new morning and go out of your house and see the light of a new day, let the light of nature embrace you and feel its love. Don’t miss your light, it’s a kind of love from life.

Don’t miss your morning, wake up and go to see what a kind of love, life gives you in this day.

By Mehdi.

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