Nature is a higher spirit

Spend more of your moments in nature, it’s so beautiful you can see that. Respect nature like you  obey your parents, because we’re their children. You belong to nature, you belong to life, nature is your truly teacher and your truly parent. Everything has meaning in nature the simple substance has meaning and a powerful role in nature, not only that, but everything is connected with other substances. the tree can’t live without the water and the light of sun, it can’t live without the air.

In return to human beings, they can’t live without nature, and they can’t live without suffering, misery, pain and sorrow. Look at the perfection of nature and you will find something remits you in freedom from ego problems. We call humans live in nature savages, barbarians and uncivilized people, for me we’re the savages and barbarians, we destruct everything good in nature, look at this civilisation what it did to nature. I don’t name them savages, but They live in harmony with every substance in nature, they live free from the ego dominance, they’re conscious and they respect nature and everything in it. They learn from every substance in nature, they get a higher level of consciousness, they have a higher spirit. They live in inner space, because they learn to take things the way they are simple, lucid and bright, they learn to let life be.And they live under two lights, the greatest golden light of sun and the lesser light of the moon and the stars.

Nature loves them forever, do we’ve a love like this? I don’t think so, we’ve conditioned love in our civilized life. They appreciate this love and they’ve a natural love, unconditioned one. They live wonderful stories of romantic love, it can be possible to live it forever because it’s the natural love. There’s always a kind of love in every substance in nature. they’re the children of nature and children of romantic love, children of true love. They belong to nature and we belong to ego, they’re the children of love and we’re the children of material world.

Egoic creature we’re, we destruct ourselves and we destruct everything around us. If we let our ego running our lives, we will lose everything good in nature.

By Mehdi.

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