It’s clear as daylight

In every new morning in your life, start it with a large smile, be the first who smile in your house. Let every new day be a new smile, your smile is too important to start your day with a happy face. Everything is simple and clear under the light, everything begin and grown up or evaluate to anther form under the light.

Everything born and die under the light, and we stay running in life because we’re free under the light. Follow your dreams under the light of stars, they’ll lead you to your destiny. Admit the defeat of this day, in the end of it you realize that under the light you have taken a great lesson in your life, you have learnt that defeats is the base of creative soul.

It’s clear as daylight, let life be, it’s clear as daylight life is simple, it’s clear as daylight love is everywhere, it’s clear as daylight we change our lives through the light. Light always illuminate the bright side of life, we’ll find happiness and love and we enjoy the best moments of our lives. It’s the moment to create yourself under the light of the universe, or under the light of life under the light of nature.

By Mehdi.  

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