We want to proof ourselves among who surround us. You will find some people proof themselves by manipulating other people, and you will see some other people proof themselves, by hurting other people. Everyone want proof himself/herself by an egoic act and practice. People think that doing some bad things, they proof themselves and that will make them stronger and stronger.

To proof yourself is by taking responsibility for yourself, the hard work is responsibility. It’s hard to do and to be. Responsibility is an act of someone who is wise and conscious. Doing bad things like I used to say, it’s an egoic thinking don’t let your ego run your life. Stop it. By being conscious is being responsible. Proof yourself by being kind and peaceful person, give the others some space to enter in your heart; there’re still good people in the world. Proof yourself by doing helpful things. You will reflect a good image of yourself around people.

By Mehdi   


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