The perfection of nature

I have seen that nature has all the perfection. I have read some philosophical works, they talk about the perfection of God, the God of the Bible and other holy books, but me I have seen the perfection of nature that it’s the greatest perfection of all the universe. Leibniz talked about the perfection of God and his justice, I don’t want to rewrite what he sad about him, but I want from the philosopher and from any philosopher to take a deep look in nature rather than trying to please the believers.

What’s this perfection? Let me take a simple exemple of the tree: ” The tree needs the light , the water and the air to grown up and to survive. I want from you to study this phenomena, I think that if you do so, you will find a theory or an equation you will find something proof the holiness of nature and it’s perfection don’t say ” God made that ” and don’t say ” It’s the will of God “, let study everything in nature without any will of God.

The tree isn’t only a plant in the forest, but it’s a symbol of peace and harmony, it’s the remedy of soul, it’s a holy spirit. You find in it some remedy of your corps and souls, respect it and don’t hurt it. If you study more nature, you will find an intelligent being. Don’t waste your life inside your mental world, see nature and tel me what you feel about it?

By Mehdi.

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