Life is the sum of all its parts

It’s another day that pass, and it brings with it our good and bad moments and feelings. There’re days when I’m good, happy and hopeful and there’re days when I’m sad, unhappy and disappointed. Yesterday I was happy, I was enjoying with my family and my friends some kind of happy moment and in this moment I feel like I miss something in my life. I look at myself in the mirror and I remember that this person yesterday, he was happy. I realize that happiness can’t endure all my life even love, why? I don’t know. 

You can’t be happy and conscious all your life, life is ninety percent suffering, misery and pain. There’s some short moment of happiness and love, but the light of the sun shines everyday and it goes everywhere, and it warms our bodys and souls, it’s a hope to wake up in the morning and we go to create your life.

Life is the sum of all its parts, with suffering, misery, pain, sorrow, anguish, …etc. Life hasn’t a meaning without all these parts, I know that we pass entire life living in pain and sorrow, and that sorrow makes us compassion and kind, don’t have a worry in the world any more. Life requires humans to act in order to achieve their aims, I do what work for me, and no one have the right to tell me what I should do because I’m the only one who know what work for me.

If we want to have confidence in ourselves, we must doubt ourselves, doubts are the way of confidence. The great thing that you can have in your life is to have “Principles” and to act with accordance to them, even if someone provoque you don’t forget to apply your principles.

By Mehdi.


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