The illusion

People like my posts about love, happiness and compassion. If I tell these people that all that love and happiness they imagine them are a deep illusion, it doesn’t exist and it will never be. Yes, what I write about love is something I imagine but in the real life, I don’t find it.  I don’t buy hope to people, but I don’t know after any hard situation I learn to love and to be kind and to be compassionate.

If someone hurts me, I don’t reply with hurting him/her, but I my heart will be open itself to love and love enter my heart like a light, I can’t live without love, and it can’t be break it’s powerful and wonderful. I stay believing and living in an illusion, after every sad moment I find happiness, I’m happy and after that sad moment I know how valuable and precious my life and my happiness, for that I chose to be happy.

I have learnt that our life is full of contradiction in everyday, I can say in every moment, you will see that moment now is the opposite of the last moment and it will be the opposite of the next one. Where is the true illusion in this life? Did life is an illusion? Sometimes I’m sad and sometimes I’m happy, is that happiness is an illusion? or is that sadness is an illusion?

By Mehdi.


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