The Idea of God

The idea of God is just an idea, it’s not a fact, it’s an unscientific unverifiable irrational idea. And that include faith, if God exists and he made everything, then who made God? Or sometimes we asked other questions: If God created everything then who created God? Did God created himself? For exemple: Some believers in God take the Big Bang likes the proof of the existence of God, and they argue from their holy book, but in reality this theory isn’t the proof of the existence of God, it’s only a theory in quantum physic, and if there’s a Big Bang surely was never be caused by any Gods, but by particles moving in space and the existence of life stays a mystery we must augmente searching and observing the universe and life to find answers to our questions rather then trying to proof the existence of an imaginary idea made by humans minds.

Everything in our life is ruling by an equation or many equations, for exemple: the demographic population we calculate it with an equation, the movement we calculate it by an equation. Instead to try to proof the existence of God, I ask you to observe your life, your soul, your body and everything existe in this universe and make your propre idea about them.  

Humans are the only creature that possess the power of imagination, and religion was human-made from that we can conclude that our faith and belief was only made by our imagination, we can’t stop imagining things we can’t stop believing and having faith. God is just an idea made by our imagination of somethings we can’t resolve them with our minds, but with deep observation in our life and all the things around us we can make some theory to resolve what we don’t know and what it was hard to explain in the past ages of human beings.

I have a biggest hope that humans can explain and understand everything in their life, nature and universe, if they use their power of observation and with the help of our imagination we can get a better life for all humans, we can explain with some simple theory the existence of all what exist in this universe.  

By Mehdi.  


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