Show me your smile

There’s one thing can save us in sad moments of life, it’s one thing can save us and help us to be quiet and wise when someone provoque you us and this one option of life can help us to learn from difficulties and struggles. We’re not happy and we feel lost in this world, it’s like a ship lost its direction in the large ocean of our thoughts and feelings.

If I take my own experience, I had passed through moment that I don’t know what is happiness and to be happy, I was thinking that life is unfair and nothing is good in it. I had never believed that life is perfect and I never see its perfection in anything. Sad and worse moments ‘t survive forever, happy moment comes after them, I enjoyed this moment with a large smile, I have learnt that the first step to transform a tragedy into a happy moment is by smiling, nothing else.

Smile is powerful because it can stop the provocation of people and it saves us from struggles with it we can see the perfection of life. Show me your smile and let see the perfection of life. There’s nothing to be worry in life, smile to me and smile to life, and then life will smile to you it will send all its love and kindness into your heart. Smile to your partner and family and friends and stranger, let your smile be the declaration of your compassion and kindness, smile is a moment of happiness.

By Mehdi.

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