Unique One

I have my own style in wearing clothes and writing, I have my own vision of the world, I have my own thoughts, I have my own personality. I’m not afraid to be who I am, I know that I’m unique a single in this universe and I lead my life with my own understanding, with my own observation and thinking.
I want to write about something take my intention in my observation of my thinking about life and other things, I used to say that life is a problem and I should resolve its problem, until I changed my thinking when I had taken a deep observation inside me and in things around me. Life isn’t a problem, problem is an illusion, because we’re so attached to time, because we live between the past and the future and that means we aren’t conscious.
Now if someone tells me that life is a problem, I will tell him/her that he/she is the problem and nothing is wrong with life. If you turn your eyes inside you, you will see the perfection of life with the eye of your heart, feel it with your senses, you will see the its harmony, I stay believing in life despite the danger and risques around me, despite suffering and misery. If there’re no risque, no suffering and no misery, I’m sure that life will not have any meaning, my life will be meaningless.     
By Mehdi

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