I’m here for you

I don’t know who you are? I don’t know you? I don’t know what a kind of life you live? I don’t know what kind of thoughts you think? I don’t know what a kind of feelings you feel? I don’t know what a kind of the dreams you dream?

But I want to say don’t give up, if you haven’t someone in your side, and you don’t find someone in your side, and a voice inside you tells you to give up and what you want is impossible. I want fro you to remember that there’s still someone in this world he/she believes in you, only if you don’t give up your dreams. 

Life will respond to your will with “YES”. Sometimes in life we meet some people hurt us with their acts and words, they treat us as less as them, they say that our ideas are stupid and foolish, and that hurt us. But I’m saying that your ideas are needful and helpful and you’ve the right to express them, to write them, and to publish them and to be respected in your opinions.

But you’ll learn something  good and that will make you aware, this thing is to know precisely the persons who you should talk with them about your ideas and projects, there’re people who believe in you and there’re people who disappoint you to give-up your dreams and ideas.

Finally, the truth is nothing is easy with humans, you should be aware or conscious the whole of your life. The process of learning will take a highest level of practice and experience, to be wise and aware in life.

By Mehdi.



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